Property management



Control of the building 

Keeping key monthly or semi monthly control object (notification in case of damage, attempted burglary, natural disasters ...)  

Ventilation of the building 

control water pipes 

collecting mail and forwarded to the address 

of the collection and payment of bills in your name 

Overview of wiring, 

turn off the power on the main meter and bulb replacement.  

Meter readings of electricity and water 

Monthly report about the property with the accompanying photos 

Price 40e 1- month 

Maintenance and repairs (price) 

Organization emptying septic tank 

cleaning and pool maintenance 

Small craft works repairs and renovation (painting, varnishing woodwork, floor coverings ...) 


Cleaning Services (General cleaning object 10 € / 1h)  

(Advanced cleaning facility Price 15 € / 1h) 

General cleaning of the building (cleaning floors and windows, cleaning and disinfection of toilets, dusting ...)  

Detailed cleaning facility (basic package with cleaning additional laundry of bed linen, curtains, carpets) 

Gardening services (price negotiable) Non-maintenance garden (pruning of plants, grass, fertilizing the garden ...)  

Keeping the property in good condition (removal of impurities and waste ...)  

Watering garden plants,  

Planting plants 

Additional services (price negotiable) 

- preparation of the property ahead of your arrival  

organize transport from the airport  

Inclusion electrical equipment (Boiler, fridge, heating ...)  

Organizing entertainment (catering, cocktails, music ... 

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