How to buy

The procedure is very simple

If you select a property and agreed with the seller, signed a contract in one of the notary offices in the place where the property is located .After completion of contract and payment of the total agreed price by the seller certifies clausula intabulandi with which confirms that it has received the entire amount from the customer and allows the same to the book on a given property. 

A customer who buys just built a property of legal entity is not required to pay the sales tax, which amounts to 3% of the property value. 

A customer who buys a property of the physical person who was previously inscribed on the property as an owner is obligated to pay sales tax 

. Fee Notary services depend on the value of the object. 

Foreign nationals are trouble free to buy property in Montenegro, and there are equalized with the locals. 

Buying Property in Montenegro can take away some time, so it is much better to buy through an existing agency. We are local people, know the rules, we have a lot of contacts and connections - so it is logical that we can help the whole process of buying resolved without unnecessary headaches and problems 

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